DA: Justin Timberlake’s early voting selfie is not being investigated

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. -- “Are you kidding me?"

That was Suzanne Jones’ reaction after hearing Justin Timberlake had walked right past her.

The star made his way through the doors at New Bethel Church on Monday without much recognition to cast his ballot during early voting.

“You would’ve never known who he was walking in and out, just very humble," said Jones.

Those handing out pamphlets at the Germantown early polling location said they didn’t pay much attention to him after he said he was a Millington voter.

But by the time JT was on his way out the door, plenty of people had caught on to who he was.

“He was very gracious and I thanked him for all that he does here in the community and giving back and I appreciate he’s never forgotten where he came from," said Mindy Fischer.

The pictures he snapped with his fans have now gone viral, but so has his own selfie he took at the polls. He posted it online, using it to encourage others to vote. He said if he could fly from Los Angeles to Tennessee to make it happen, "there are no excuses."

“I love that he got the message out to vote," said Jones. "One of the things that I think sometimes we take for granted is our right and privilege to vote.”

The only problem is he didn’t have the right to snap that photo. A recent law bans people from taking photos or videos inside polling locations in the state of Tennessee.

A secretary of state spokesman said they’re thrilled Justin “can’t stop the felling” when it comes to voting, but said the selfie wasn’t allowed.

“He’s in a position where he can really encourage people to vote, I know he wasn’t trying to do anything wrong," said Fischer.

The Shelby County District Attorney’s Office told WREG they are aware of the photo, but are not investigating at this time.

"The statement released earlier today by my office regarding Justin Timberlake and an investigation was incorrect and was released without my knowledge,” Shelby County Dist. Atty. Gen. Amy Weirich said Tuesday. “I am out of town at a conference. No one in our office is currently investigating this matter nor will we be using our limited resources to do so."