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Undercover OCU officers catch robbery suspects in the act

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Undercover Memphis officers stopped a robbery in progress while they were doing surveillance in a Southeast Memphis neighborhood.

19-year-old Keshaun Johnson and another underage teenager were arrested after officers chased them down Monday.

"They kicked that door in right there."

The 65-year-old homeowner was frustrated. When WREG spoke to him his back door was being held together by wires after Organized Crime Unit officers said they witnessed Johnson and another teen ransacking his house on Heckle.

"They tore this house up. They tore it up. They tore it up!"

The victim didn't feel comfortable showing his face. He said basically the whole neighborhood lives in fear of young thieves in the area, but he's glad a few are off the street.

"I just pulled in and police was already out here," he said.

According to a police report, OCU officers were posted up near the victim's home when they watched the accused burglars stike.

"Going in and out, in and out, in and out."

Keshaun Johnson

Keshaun Johnson

The victim said the men took a flatscreen television, laptop, lawn equipment and cash.

"They even drank a Coca-Cola in the refrigerator that I had!" exclaimed the victim.

According to police, the duo took all of those items to a home right across the street.

A woman inside that home told WREG she had nothing to do with the crime and has not been charged. However, she admitted she knew the suspects.

"Keyshaun, he like a brother to me," she said.

After a chase through the neighborhood, officers caught the suspects. The victim said he's thankful the OCU was there at the right time.

"I gotta give an applause. All the Memphis Police Department give them an applause."

Now he said he has his own plan to protect his house.

"I'm hook it up the best I can until I get the money and I'm watching them around here. I'll be watching them."