Community meetings planned, says Mayor Strickland

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Keeping his word, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland says he will follow up on a promise he made this summer following the protest that shutdown the I-40 bridge.

WREG caught up with the mayor on Tuesday. He said he still plans on hearing the voices of the people when it comes to addressing their frustrations dealing with social issues. Instead of doing one big meeting, Strickland set out to do a series of in-depth discussions.

"Why don`t we partner with community development cooperations across the city, have multiple meetings and hopefully they are smaller and everyone can have their voice be heard."

Issues of race relations, improving relationships with police officers in the community, jobs, even poverty all in hopes of moving Memphis forward.

"When you look at it, everyone wants the same things in our city whether you are democratic or republican, black or white or Hispanic, you want a clean neighborhood, you want to be treated equally," said Strickland.

Hopefully having some conversations that could bring about the changes many have been marching for.