Putting a stop to pedestrian-versus-car accidents in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- On Monday an elderly man pushing a lawn mower across the street was hit and killed on Levi Street.

On Wednesday morning just before 6:30 a.m., another pedestrian was hit while crossing Lamar Street.

"Our plans take into account all of the pedestrian incidents, and we use all the data we can get," said Nate Heyward, who is the transportation planner for the Metropolitan Planning Organization. He says lately pedestrian-versus-car accidents have caught his attention.

"We look at the crash data as it pertains to all modes of transportation, including pedestrians," added Heyward.

Depending on the findings of the data, Heyward plans to suggest expanding pedestrian areas but says that only goes so far, as pedestrians have to obey the laws of walking the streets.

Jeremy Tate and Blake Croft agree pedestrians must be willing to cooperate and follow the rules of the road in order to minimize accidents.

"No if and or buts about it, cross at the safest place, which would be the light," said Tate.

"I notice that people are always on the corners, and sometimes they walk out without looking," said Croft.

In Monday's pedestrian death, the elderly man was not using a crosswalk to cross the street.

WREG reached out to the Memphis Police Department in search of just how many pedestrian-involved accidents there have been this year, but MPD did not provide the number.