MPD: Carjacking suspects followed victim from gas station to a home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police released video Wednesday of two men wanted for a violent carjacking in Hickory Hill.

Officers said the cameras captured the men at a gas station at the corner of Winchester and Riverdale early Sunday morning before they followed their victim.

The duo reportedly followed some men to a home on Hollorn Lane and threw on masks and hoodies.

The victim told officers after his friend walked into the house, he pulled out of the driveway only to see the barrel of a gun aimed right at him.

Police said the gunman demanded his car keys and phone and then sped off with his partner in crime trailing behind in a red Mustang.

"It is bad. What else can you say? You certainly can't find any good in it," said Yvonne Walton, who stops at the gas station. "Just like I keep looking at you. I keep looking around, because there's always a scam. Someone is always trying to figure someway to, you know, scam somebody."

The victim and his buddy were too shaken to talk to us on camera.

The friend said he remembers seeing the two at the gas station but has no idea why they were targeted.

Police haven't found the men, the victim's car or his cellphone.

They're hoping the video might help find them before someone else falls victim.

If you know anything, call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.