Study shows parenting more stressful for moms but more fun for dads

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Women and men have different levels of happiness, stress and fatigue in regards to parenting, according to a study by Cornell University and University of Minnesota researchers published in the American Sociological Review.

The study, reported on by Real Simple, found mothers report being less happy, more stressed out and more tired compared to fathers when they spend time with their kids.

The study notes this can be due to moms and dads tending to do different activities with their children.

For example, women spend more time on caring for the kids’ needs while fathers’ time with their kids involves more playing.

The difference is also attributed to whether other adults are present during kid time and the quality of their time away from the kids.

The study says it’s more common for women to parent alone, and women are more likely to have their sleep disrupted and have less leisure time than their male counterparts.

Don’t blame the kids, though — both moms and dads reported enjoying doing things with the kids more so than without them.