Real skeletal remains discovered at Wisconsin haunted house

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ASHWAUBENON, Wi. -- Terror on the Fox has been striking fear into the hearts of Northeast Wisconsinites for 20 years, but a recent remodel of the main haunt led to the discovery of something truly unsettling.

Miranda Schutt told reporters the Halloween favorite recently discovered two real human skeletons in the room called the catacombs.

According to Your City Report, one of the room's designers was gathering all of the haunts skulls and skeletons for the remodel when she came across two caskets.

The two 19th century coffins in question were donated years ago Schutt said.

"When we pulled the caskets out of the storage and that's when we discovered there were skeletons in there."

The skeletal remains have not been identified at this time.

To see photos of the coffins, click here.