Barricade situation at the South Pointe Townhomes over for now

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --Police swarmed South Pointe Townhomes on East Shelby Drive around noon Tuesday.

"I know one thing. It's very, very, very dangerous."

The scene was tense as tenants were evacuated and officers threw on their tactical gear and bullet proof vests.

Police told WREG they were following up on an investigation. Some evidence lead them to the complex, and when they arrived they thought the person they were looking for had barricaded himself with a weapon in one of the apartments.

Authorities set up a perimeter and negotiators were called in all while the bell rang at San Paul Catholic School. Kids passed the scene as they headed home.

"My children go right across the street to school and I was over here to pick them up," said one parent.

Panicked and concerned, Naomi Robinson pulled over to ask us what was going on.

"Never seen that many undercover police," she told us.

Nearby businesses were on guard too as police used their parking lot to set up camp.

"We just pray things turn out all right."

Negotiators reportedly never heard a peep from the home because there was no one there.

Nearly nine hours after it all began, police called off their search for now.

"We did our due diligence. We methodically did what we thought we needed to do. Sometimes this happens."

Police are expected to release the suspect's name, picture and a list of charges soon.