Suspects charged with neighborhood vandalism

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --"Come flying down that road right there."

Speeding down the road in a silver car on Friday, that's the last time Tommy Arnold says he saw Steve Biggers.

Stolen more than a week ago, it's the same car police said Biggers drove to spray paint at least one of 30 cars with gang signs last week and the same car he used to lead police on a wild chase Saturday.

His accomplice: John Forrester.

Both men are behind bars for vandalizing multiple cars in the Cherry and Dunn area.

The incident happened Thursday night. Approximately 30 cars had gang signs and names painted on them, while others, police said, just had random markings.

Authorities said after the crime, they obtained video of the suspect's vehicle and determined it had been stolen a few days before the incident.


John Forrester and Steve Biggers

Three days later, Biggers was located with the stolen Kia Forte and several empty cans of spray paint.

The suspect reportedly admitted to stealing the car and to several of the vandalisms.

Forrester was arrested the next day.

Both were charged with felony vandalism.

Biggers was also charged with theft of property.