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Animal welfare organization makes hospice patient’s wish to snuggle with kittens come true

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Carol Heizman had a simple wish: She wanted to snuggle with kittens.

A local animal welfare organization, Great Plains SPCA, heard about her wish and was happy to help out.

Many of us would love to spend some bonding time with these adorable babies, but Heizman’s reaction showed just how much it meant to her.

Great Plains SPCA captured the moment on video.

“Pets can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered,” the organization wrote.

Groves Community Hospice added on with some wisdom: “Happiness Is… A Basket of Kittens!!!”

The hospice helped make Heizman’s dream come true through its “Happiness Is” project, according to the Kansas City Star.

There were five kittens in all, four of which came from the same litter and were six weeks old, the Kansas City Star reported. The fifth kitten was only four weeks old.

“Look at all those cute little guys,” Heizman said as she snuggled with the fur babies, who were in baby blankets. “Oh, they’re so precious.”