Suspect arrested in one of four open arson cases in North Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A woman is behind bars after setting fire to a home early Tuesday morning. She was caught red handed.

"I said 'Are you trying to set his house on fire?' She said 'Yeah, I'm trying to set him on fire,'" Tony Gee told WREG's Michael Quander.

She was reportedly smiling when she lit the porch on fire.

He dialed 911 and soon afterwards fire fighters swarmed the home on Jehl Place.

Gee was able to give a description to police, who spotted the suspect, Shaunte Rodgers, not too far away at Ayers and Keel.

The homeowner, Archie Meadors, wasn't home when all of this went down, but isn't the only one reeling from a house fire.

His property was just the latest in a string of arson cases in North Memphis.

The first fire was late Sunday night on Speed.

Several minutes later, a fire sparked on Greenlaw.

After that, fire fighters booked it to another fire on Keel at a vacant church building.

Investigators told WREG the fires were no accident and someone set them on purpose.

However, it's still unclear if it was the same person.