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Reward offered to catch person who used dog as bait

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HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. -- His rescuers named him Chance.

Animal control found the 40-pound dog in Holly Springs burrowed in a stranger's shed on Salem Road two weeks ago.

He had deep cuts all over his body and was covered in maggots.

The officer didn't know how long Chance had been there, but knew he was found just in time. Any longer, he would have died.

"Oh my God! How could anybody do this?" said Doll Stanley with In Defense of Animals, an international animal protection organization. "They feel pain! Do you not have an ounce of empathy?"

Stanley, animal control and Chance's vet think he was bait in a dog fighting ring.

"There's not one mark on his muzzle. Why? Because when they bait a dog, they cover the muzzle so it can't fight back," said Stanley.

Stanley is now offering a $2,500 reward to anyone who can help catch the person who used Chance as bait.

"The bottom line: we have to find those people. We have to make them responsible for their actions," she said.

Life is looking up for Chance.

A local vet at Willow Bend Animal Clinic worked with him around the clock to help him heal.

A sweet, innocent dog now looking for a place to call home and a second chance at life.

If you have any information or would like to help Chance, call Holly Springs Animal Control.