A store’s selling a Kim Kardashian robbery Halloween costume — and people are furious

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Photo: Costumeish via CNN Wire

Following a yearly trend of offensive Halloween costumes, a costume company is now selling an outfit based on Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery, where she was bound and forced into a bathtub.

Costumeish, which was called out just last year for its “foxy Megyn’s bloody tampon” costume, received immediate backlash for promoting the violent incident.

The costume’s description does not make a direct reference to Kardashian, instead passively describing the subject as someone who has “devoted her life to promoting American decadence, youth, and hedonism.”

Nonetheless, people were able to make the connection and voice their opinions. Out of 63 reviews on the site, the costume is rated an average 2.5 stars out of 5 as of Tuesday morning.

One reviewer gave the costume one star and said “People who think this is funny should be ashamed of themselves whether you like or hate the Kardashians.”

Another reviewer agreed, saying “I’m not a fan of Kim Kardashian but this is disgusting. The situation Kim was in shouldn’t be a joke to you or anybody.”

The response on social media wasn’t much better.

“That Kim Kardashian ‘gagged at gun point’ Halloween costume is actually sick. Some extremely twisted people out there,” tweeted Olivia Barraclough.

Of course, there are those who saw the costume as “hilarious & fun,” “creative” and even the “costume of the year.”

Costumeish told CNN it’s intention isn’t to poke fun at a harrowing incident.

“Our deepest sympathy to any victims of crime and no person deserves to go through any terrifying experience. We are not mocking anyone,” Johnathon Weeks at Costumeish said.

But, he store added, “Halloween is also a day that people can express their sometimes twisted sick sense of humor. It is up for the disguiser to determine if they want to be cringed upon or laughed at.”

Weeks said that whether people buy the costume from the store or not, it’ll be “very popular this year.”

“It is a relatively easy costume to create from items people may already have.”

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