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Hurricane Matthew delays Make-A-Wish trip to Disney

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BYHALIA, Miss. -- While the Red Cross in the Mid-South prepares to send more volunteers to help the millions of people impacted by Hurricane Matthew, another family is staying behind.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation recently granted a Byhalia, Mississippi family a trip to Disney World.

They were supposed to be there right now but due to the hurricane are staying home.

Six-year-old Rhett Stone can't walk or talk.

"He's got cerebral palsy and severe hypertonia so he has very low muscle tone," said Amy Stone.

But it's clear his heart is full of love.

"He gonna give you a kiss? You want a kiss? Alright, I love you."

His mom, Amy, said Rhett's been waiting for his wish to be granted from the Make-A-Wish Foundation for about a year.

"His favorite movie and favorite characters are Buzz and Woody from Toy Story so he loves all the Toy Story movies and he also loves Tigger," she said.

A few weeks ago Rhett had his first meetings with the characters when it was announced his family was going to Disney World. Since the big reveal they've been busy packing.

"Then when I realized our flights were cancelled and then at that point we were just concerned for all the people involved and the families losing their homes," explained Stone.

Rhett will still get to see Woody and Buzz at Disney World. The Stone family will now be going the week before Thanksgiving. While the plans changed, Stone told WREG's Shay Arthur Hurricane Matthew put things in perspective for her family.

"I was explaining to them while we were asleep in our beds there were people who were losing their homes and losing their lives that night so it really does put it all in focus."

Another Make-A-Wish family from Memphis family just returned from DisneyWorld, safely, after their flights were delayed.