Red Cross volunteers prepare for Hurricane Matthew

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Red Cross Disaster Relief is trying to stay ahead of Hurricane Matthew and has begun sending teams to Florida.

The storm could hit the eastern coast of Florida sometime this week.

The governor of Florida has already declared a state of emergency and is urging residents along Interstate-95 to start preparing for direct impacts of Hurricane Matthew.

"They told us to expect high winds, probably the power is going to go out, probably the people are going to be coming for shelter, probably there is good chance we are going to be working off generators getting them food for the first few days," said Tena Devereux.

Tena and Sam Devereux have only been volunteering with the Red Cross a short time, but last month they assisted flood victims in Baton Rouge and Monday night got a call they were needed in Florida.

"I said let us get our animals together and we are good to go," said Tena.

The Hernando, Mississippi, couple will spend about two weeks in Florida and will work day and night out of an emergency response vehicle.

Before they began volunteering, the couple had no idea just how much the Red Cross does.

They said it's some of the hardest work they've ever done but also the most rewarding.

"We like people," said Sam.

"It's just a great humbling feeling," said Tina.

While Florida is on high alert,  Sam and Tena aren't worried about their own safety.

The husband and wife said they say will stay out of harms way but be close enough to help.