Alabama high school student beaten, attack possibly racially motivated

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An Alabama high school student is in critical condition after a brutal beating.

The teen’s mother says he suffered a skull fracture and bleeding from the brain following the attack, WBRC reported.

Police say 17-year-old Brian Ogle was beaten so badly by one or more people that he is now in critical condition at UAB hospital.

“Who would think people in small Sylacauga would do something like this to a child?” Sylacauga resident Keyun King said.

When police responded Friday night, they found the victim bleeding from his head.

“I really don’t see why things would come to this point of just so many people ganging up on him like that,” Braxton Peyton said. “Brian, as long as I’ve known him, he’s always been a very, very special guy. he’s always been nice. He’s always done things for people.”

Police are trying to determine all the circumstances surrounding this assault, and that has some afraid this could divide the community.

Johnson said the assault may have stemmed from a verbal exchange or social media post regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ogle’s mom told WBRC the teen made a statement that he “backs the blue.”

“The whole racist thing. Just sit down and talk to somebody, you know. Maybe how they said it is not how you want to hear it. Sit down and talk to someone and talk with them. Maybe his intentions weren’t to sound offensive. If they would have taken out the time instead of, you know, reacting on site, things would have come out a whole lot different. Now, he’s in bad shape, and that’s not one thing that a mother wants to see,” King said.

Chief Kelley Johnson has asked for the community to pray that they all can move past the violence and become a stronger community.

“My prayers are with the families , not on one side but both sides,” Cathy Osborn said. “I wish this could all get straightened out.”