Stranded women get much needed help from City of Walls

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WALLS, Miss. -- Two Mississippi women stranded for several months got a fresh start Friday.

The women's car died back in the spring forcing a domino of hardship.

Mechanics put the final touches under the hood.

BreAnna Davis' car broke down five months ago and hasn`t started since.

“Having a job and not being able to get to it, that’s stressful as it is. I actually lost two jobs,” said Davis.

Without any cash coming in, Davis and her roommate couldn’t pay their bills and were evicted from their apartment. The women pushed their car on a lot and stayed there every night during the hot Mississippi summer nights.

“I'd have to get out in the middle of the night to cool off,” said Davis.

But in the midst of it all, BreAnna said she kept praying.

“That God would give me a miracle,” said Davis.

That miracle was sent through Walls Police Chief Herb Brewer and Fire Chief Mike Hancock who rallied troops in the community to get help.

Local Businesses chipped in with about $5,000 worth of parts and services for the car.

“It's what we do emergency services fire police end we help people. This tugged at our heartstrings,” said Hancock.

Mayor Patti Denison said she hopes the help gives the women hope.

“In the world nowadays it doesn't take much to get you down. To see that people want to help that you, aren't in this alone, that the community is here to build you up,” said Denison.

Breanna said the support did much more than that; it gave them a reason to smile again.

“We got help when we felt helpless. We were noticed when we felt invisible. We were loved when we felt like there was no hope,” said Davis.

The two women were able to find new jobs. They start them this weekend.