MTSU professor helps secure return of fallen soldiers from Mexican-American War

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TENNESSEE — Thirteen fallen American soldiers almost two centuries home were welcomed back to the United States on Wednesday.

The soldiers fought in the Battle of Monterrey during the Mexican-American war in 1848.

Hugh Berryman, a professor at Middle Tennessee State University, has led the charge to negotiate with the Mexican government to return the remains.

After five years, the soldiers arrived at Dover Air Force Base.

Berryman’s work is just beginning.

He’s going to study the remains to learn more about the time period, how the soldiers lived and how they died. With a little luck, he will find out who they are.

Because of buttons and other artifacts found near the remains, it appears the soldiers are from Tennessee.

The Mexican-American War played a big role in Tennessee’s history. Experts say it’s what cemented the state’s reputation as The Volunteer State.