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GoFundMe set up for South Carolina school shooting victim

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Jacob Hall/ Courtesy of WSPA

GREENVILLE, SC. — The 6-year-old who was shot at Townville Elementary School remains in critical condition, multiple sources report.

The little boy has been identified as 1st grader Jacob Hall.

A Go Fund Me set up in the boy’s name posted an update to his condition Thursday morning saying, “Over the night, there have been changes in his condition. He is due to  ave surgery on his other main artery as soon as he’s stable enough to do so. Thank yall so very much for all your donations and continue to spread the word and most importantly, PRAY for this little boy.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the account has raised $34,000 to go towards his medical bills.

Jacob was one of three people shot when a lone teen gunman opened fire at the school.

A teacher and another student were also rushed to the hospital but they have since been released.

The 14-year-old suspect was taken into custody at the school.

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