Southaven Trump supporters targeted with anonymous letter

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- Inside of their mailbox on on Meadow Pointe, the Smith family got a letter Thursday.

"They felt like I didn't have a right to put a sign in front of my yard," Robbie Smith said.

Someone is upset the Smiths are supporting Donald Trump for president.

The writer of the anonymous letter called Trump racist, a liar and a bully.

Smith and his wife disagreed.

The letter went on to compare their family's support for Trump to devil worship and urged them to move out of the Belle Pointe neighborhood.

"He says in here, 'I've always thought you harbored the racist and bigot ways.' That almost scares you thinking the person knows you to say something like that," Smith told WREG.

He is worried for his family's safety.

"What else is this person going to do? If they're that intense about me having a sign in my yard, what are they going to do? Am I going to get a bomb in my mailbox next week? Who knows? You know?"

Southaven Police said they know all about the letter because of posts on Facebook, but as of right now, they're not investigating because Smith never came to them for help.

Smith said the postmaster is investigating.