Memphis man gets ‘life-changing’ opportunity

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Things are looking up for John Haley.

On Tuesday, his life changed.

Haley, who's a chef at the Downtown Bar Dog restaurant, got a gift he never imagined.

He was fitted for a brand new prosthetic nose.

"It`ll be interesting, looking in the mirror and, ya know, seeing something totally different."

Haley lost his nose after a hard hit ten years ago.

Tuesday, Maddie Singer is restoring his confidence.

"We`re gonna glue this on guys, and then we're gonna finish painting it."

Singer makes prosthetics for people who have had accidents or suffer from an illness.

"I met him many years ago, and I knew that he had a nasal defect, that I could tell, I could fix."

"At first I was little skeptical until I came in that first time and saw the work, I was amazed," said Haley.

Singer said their path crossed again through a friend at Bar Dog.

She learned Haley has just scored a role in an episode of the show Million Dollar Quartet.

"So I thought this might be a good opportunity to ask him if he`s interested in potentially getting a prosthesis because he might be more conscious of his aesthetics."

After consultations and Singer's creation, Haley is now holding his head high with a new nose made just for him.

"Young children are the best, when they come up to you, and they would ask, 'What happened to your face' So I won't have to deal with that anymore," he said.

Singer said her work is about helping people get their confidence back.

"When I work on these prosthetics with people, I feel like in some ways we steal that power together."

"It's definitely a life-changing thing."

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