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Gas leak has Memphis drivers on edge at the pump

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  Skyrocketing gas prices have drivers throughout the state of Tennessee on edge.

It's been three days since Governor Bill Haslam declared a state of emergency after a major pipeline that supplies gas to parts of the state burst, and people are worried the prices could soon be going up in Memphis as well.

"It's real real important when they're low. I like them when they're low," said Timothy Jefferson.

When it comes to prices at the pump, Memphis drivers like it when the numbers stay small.

AAA predicted it should stay that way despite prices in Nashville climbing 30 cents just days after a leak was discovered in the Colonial Pipeline in Alabama.

"It does not supply gas here at all."

Gary Lowry with AAA said his office in Cordova has seen some customers concerned with possible increases here.

He said for the most part gas prices have remained flat, but are up slightly.

The current average in Memphis is $2.08.

"We are up 8 cents a gallon from where we were a month ago but only 5 cents a gallon from a year ago."

Lowry said his office has been warning travelers of the increase.

"We'll tell them if you're going East you're going to pay a little more for gas."

As of now, there's no timeline for when the leak will be fixed.

In the meantime, AAA encouraged drivers to maintain their regular driving and fueling habits.