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FTC Zika Treatment Warnings

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The state of Tennessee has seen about two dozen cases of the Zika virus this year.

While concerns about the mosquito-borne virus are growing, there are concerns some online sellers are trying to take advantage of those fears.

There's a warning from the Federal Trade Commission to at least ten of those online companies.

Randy Hutchinson from the Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South stopped by to explain.

To avoid becoming a victim of a Zika-related scam, BBB advises you to:

  • Be skeptical of products that claim they can protect you from Zika-carrying mosquitos. Their claims may not be backed up by scientific proof.
  • Be wary of miracle cures and treatments. Check them out with your doctor or other health care provider.
  • Be wary of press releases and emails from an unknown sender hyping a company’s stock:
    • Check out any broker or product at Remember that even if it’s properly registered, that doesn’t mean it’s been assessed by the agency.
    • Be wary of promises or guarantees of high investment returns with little or no risk and unsolicited offers, including those that come through social media.
    • Don’t fall for name dropping. Relationships cited with government agencies, prominent companies or academic institutions may be bogus.
  • Don’t click on links or download attachments in unsolicited emails from unknown senders.
  • Report any Zika-related scam attempts to
  • Check out any company selling Zika-related products at


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