Man pulls pants down, exposes himself in Medical District parking garage

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- As nurses and students parked their cars in the Medical District Thursday morning, police said a man pulled his pants down and exposed himself.

Willie Hampton was arrested for indecent exposure.

Police said nurses, doctors, staff and students saw Hampton in the stairwell of a parking garage on Monroe and Dudley around 8 a.m.

An officer said he witnessed it too.

He claimed Hampton's pants and underwear were to his knees, and he was fully exposed.

Those familiar with the parking garage said this is a first.

It pretty much left them speechless.

"That's terrible," said one woman as she left the garage. "I park here every day."

WREG found out Hampton's been in trouble with the law 36 times dating back to 2003 including 14 other indecent exposure charges.

Police said the last four times, Hampton exposed and touched himself in front of guards inside the Shelby County Correctional Center.

"I think it's just a guy who lost his way," said another person leaving the garage.

Hampton has also been arrested in the past for theft under $500, criminal trespass, assault and aggravated burglary.

He's due in court Friday.

He will likely be walking free soon as his bond was set at $100.

WREG reached out to the parking garage owner, and they are working to provide more information.

People who park there said there is security, and don't believe this is a safety issue.