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A woman says she was assaulted by toy in a Hibachi restaurant

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Police in middle Tennessee are investigating an unusual assault case.

Murfreesboro Police said a woman called them after she was squirted with a water toy by an employee at a Hibachi restaurant.

Isabelle Lassiter and her family were having dinner at Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse Monday night when the cook decided to put on his usual show.

He pulled out a plastic toy that looks like a little boy and squirts water when you pull down the boy's pants.

Lassiter wasn't amused and called the police, claiming she was sexually assaulted, "It peed on me, basically."

The general manager, Johnny Huang, apologized to the family and said he's never had complaints before, "The kids like it, they think it's a water gun, kind of like a water gun you know?"

The manager said chefs will now ask permission before showing more of the toy boy again.

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