Family member worries about inmate’s safety, says he heard about Southaven remains

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A family member of a Shelby County inmate worries for her loved one's safety, after she claims another inmate told him disturbing details regarding a Southaven case.

Southaven Police discovered remains on a private, residential property in Southaven in January.

At that time, investigators said an inmate told investigators there were human remains buried on a property on Stanton Road.

In January, WREG found that county records associated Shelby County inmate Josef Schnabl with the property where authorities found the remains.

The family member of another inmate contacted WREG recently, because she said Schnabl told her family member about the remains last winter.

She asked us not to identify her.

"I was pretty alarmed, but I knew as a citizen, I had to take the truth to homicide, which I did," she said.

She said she fears for her life and the life of her loved one behind bars at 201 Poplar.

She claimed that both she and her family member came forward to authorities after Schnabl told her family member about remains buried behind a Southaven home.

In April, WREG reported that authorities found Calvin Holloway, who lived in that home, murdered in Memphis. He was 25 years old.

"All members of our family are concerned, because it seems like people that are witness to this have been coming up fatally, you know, dead," the woman said.

WREG went to visitation at the CJC Tuesday to talk with that inmate who claimed to have heard these disturbing details.

He confirmed he gave a statement to police.

He said he believes Schnabl is a dangerous person.

Southaven Police would not confirm they got a tip from this particular inmate but said they interviewed a few inmates.

They said that, at this point, investigators do not believe that Holloway's death is related to the remains that were found.

Investigators did not believe the family living at the Southaven home were connected to the remains.

Still, the family member of the inmate WREG spoke with, is terrified.

"I'm just concerned for the safety of myself, family, and hope that we can have justice in this," she said.

Schnabl was arrested December 27 on carjacking and aggravated robbery charges.

He had been wanted since December 20th.

He has a criminal past, including a conviction for second-degree murder from an incident that happened in 2001.

In January, a family member of Schnabl's told WREG she wanted nothing to do with him.

She was focused on moving on.

Suspect Rebecca Allison was arrested as an accessory after the fact in Holloway's murder.

Investigators said she confessed to knowing about Holloway's death, as well as being in his vehicle after his death, wiping it down, and abandoning it at the Oakshire Apartments.

Southaven Police said they have no reason to believe the inmate WREG spoke with is in danger.