Family says mother of three murdered ‘for no reason at all’

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A mother is forced to bury her child.

Tammara Wright, a single mother of three, was murdered in a driveway in Westwood.

The killer is still on the run.

"Why my daughter?" asked Shirley Wright, the victim's mother. "My daughter is gone away from three kids for no reason at all."

Wright, who many knew as Nikki, was shot in a driveway on Bonwood Friday night.

She died in the hospital at just 36-years-old.

Police said Wright was waiting in the car for a friend when someone ran up and fired round after round spraying the car with bullets.

Investigators told the family Wright wasn't the intended target, but didn't say who was.

"We are killing each other. We are burying our children. Our children are supposed to be burying us," said Shirley with tears running down her face.

Wright was killed a block away from where she grew up and in the same neighborhood she was raising her three children.

"The sweetest person you would want to meet. When ever you talked to her, she would always tell you, 'I love you,'" said cousin Jacquinina Stewart.

Her cousins said she was a loving mother.

She was fun, loyal and selfless.

"It's going to take a whole entire army to take these Memphis streets back, because it's so out of control. The same ones that are in a gang are the same ones we grew up playing with," said Germill Mitchell.

The family is asking for an end to the violence and praying no other family has to experience the pain.

"Stop this shooting. Start praying. Start coming together, so your mamma won't be doing what I'm doing. You're mamma won't be crying," said Shirley.

The family is taking care of Wright's three children.

They are raising money for the kids and the funeral.

If you would like to help out their efforts, click here.

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