Certain U of M employees to carry guns starting July 1

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A new state law will soon go into effect in Tennessee allowing more guns on college campuses.

"This conversation is raising a lot of controversy here on this campus at The University of Memphis."

College students are reacting after a letter went out to U of M employees.

Starting July 1, full-time employees with a valid carry permit can carry a handgun on campus.

Some told WREG this could be dangerous.

"What if a teacher gets angry or upset and then tries to use the gun on the student and retaliates in a bad way," said student Joseph Berry.

U of M senior Summer Lyons said she would feel safer knowing registered employees can carry handguns on campus.

"If something were to happen like any of the shootings that have been going on, I think it could eliminate a lot of the problems and a lot of the shootings that have been occurring."

Right now the campus is putting procedures in place.

People who want to carry  must contact Police Services on campus first.

U of M`s Chief of Police Bruce Harber is against the legislation because he said it would change the response pattern.

"Because before July 1, 2016, if we ran into a weapon on campus, the person would have been violating the law. Now we may have people who are there legitimately, but we still have to stop and check it out before we can go and to the next."

The campus plans to have voluntary training in mid-August once all employees return.

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