Mother of teen murder suspect’s girlfriend charged

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- An Arlington mother is behind bars after police say she admitted to hiding evidence used in a gruesome murder.

Officers said 43-year-old Lee-Ann Coombs helped her daughter get rid of the murder weapon that killed 35-year-old Marlo Williams, who was found dead in an IHOP parking lot.

A photo of his body was even posted on the social media site Snapchat.

Williams' family told WREG's Shay Arthur they're thankful there has been another arrest.

We went by Coombs' Arlington home to get her side of the story, but while there we were nearly hit by a car and threatened.

"You need to leave or Imma smash that piece of sh** right now," said one man who jumped out of car.

"You can't touch us!" responded our news crew as they stood on public property.

"I can do whatever I want. I'm not gonna touch you. I'm not gonna touch you."

"You cannot touch me! You cannot touch the camera."

"You need to leave now."

"We're just trying to get two sides to the story."

"I don't give a f***. Get the f*** off my house."

WREG has not been able to determine who the individuals were in relation to Coombs.

However, we have learned  Coombs is the mother of 16-year-old Sebastian Vaughn's girlfriend.

Investigators said Vaughn arranged to meet up with Williams in order to buy drugs.

When the two met, a fight ensued and Williams was shot.

After the shooting, Vaughn reportedly took off with both the money and drugs.

To make things worse, detectives said Vaughn sent a Snapchat of Williams' body to his friends just moments after killing him.

Afterwards, detectives said Coombs and her daughter received a backpack the night of the murder belonging to Vaughn.

Inside was the murder weapon.

According to investigators, Coombs admitted to driving over the I-40 Mississippi River bridge with her daughter and stopping so her daughter could throw the backpack into the river.

So far, no charges have been filed against the girlfriend.

"You know we want justice served so that's what's being done, and I thank the detectives for digging down and you know cracking the case," said Undra Williams.

Williams told us he doesn't known why his brother was targeted.

The victim, Marlo Williams, will be laid to rest on Saturday.

It's the same day he was supposed to turn 36.

A photo of the body was reportedly sent via Snapchat.