Kellogg to lay off 155 workers at Rossville plant

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FAYETTE COUNTY, Tenn. --The small town of Rossville, in Fayette County will soon have a chunk of it's workforce deleted.

Kellogg plans to lay off 155 people from its Eggo plant.

The company said the reason is not due to a lack of waffle sales.

"I think it's disappointing that we're losing local jobs," said Ben Cowan, a Rossville resident.

Soon, 155 hourly and salary jobs at the Kellogg plant will be eliminated starting this fall until the end of next year.

The Rossville location currently employs 410 people.

A spokesperson with the large corporation said the reason to downsize is due to efficiency.

The company decided to invest in one of the Eggo plant's buildings making some of their production lines more efficient and eliminating three other less efficient lines.

Ben Cowan has lived in Rossville for 20 years and has seen the sustainability it's brought his town of about 700 people.

He thinks the closure could be felt in other areas too.

"Communities like Grand Junction, Piperton," he said.

It's not just employees of the plant that will be affected by the closure.

Some other smaller businesses in the area are concerned too like the restaurant El Sol Azteca.

They said they depend on the lunch crowd the plant brings in everyday.

"It's gonna affect us a lot," said Cesar Reyes co-owner of the Mexican Restaurant.

He has regular customers from the factory.

"Everyday. Or maybe a few days a week," he explained.

While he hopes his business doesn't struggle he hopes those laid off find a sustainable job soon.

"Everybody needs a job right now and the situation is hard for everybody."

Kellogg would not give an average salary of the those being laid off, butsaid employees in good standing are welcome to apply for open positions.