Construction will start soon on new trail in Raleigh

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The city of Memphis and the nonprofit Wolf River Conservancy are working together to build a paved trail along the Wolf River from Collierville all the way to the Mississippi River.

"This area needs it,” said Ronald Tate; a Raleigh resident.

Tate walks six days a week in his Raleigh community and hopes the new section of that trail will encourage others to do the same.

“Along James here, there's not always sidewalks, so you have to step out into the street, you have to be aware of traffic at all times,” he said.

The latest phase of the Wolf River Greenway project will run for one mile extending east along the river from North Highland Street through Epping Way in Raleigh.

“People will travel for hundreds of thousands of miles to find a place where they can bicycle for 100 miles without getting on roads,” said Dale Sanders with the Wolf River Conservancy.

One section of the Greenway already exists in Shelby Farms. Over the next four years, the goal is to connect the winding path through Raleigh and North Memphis.

“The fact that we're going to have a Greenway trail system along the Wolf River and we know it's already designed by the city of Memphis to be built from Mud Island to the Germantown Parkway, which by the way, will pick up and go on eventually — now Germantown part is finished — it will eventually go on to Collierville,” Sanders explained.

The bids are due next Wednesday by 3 p.m. The construction will take about six months to complete.