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Firefighters battle large fire at Holly Springs restaurant

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HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. — Business nearly came to a standstill early Wednesday morning on the Holly Springs square as people gathered to watch firefighters put out a massive fire.

Two employees were just getting things started at JB's Restaurant when they realized their building was on fire.

"All I hear was popping sounds and when the popping started I just got the other employee and told her to come on, we got to go. When we got outside we could see he smoke coming from the top of the building," said Pam Boga.

JB's has been in the area for 30 years and on the historic square less than a decade.

Fire officials said the way these buildings were constructed in the 1800's is a firefighter's worst nightmare.

"What we have is a fire that is between the roof line and the ceiling. The ceiling made out of 1 inch or thicker oak wood you can't get through it," said Chief Kenny Holbrook.

So to get inside, fire crews had to just let the roof burn.

Mayor Kelvin Buck was also outside watching, concerned about the business and the building.

"This is a major part of our community and the historic downtown square. And this is a significant building. It's been in our community many years."

More than a dozen people worked at the business.

They were not sure what they will do now, but said they are just glad everyone made it out safely.


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