Victim speaks out about machete attack

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The victim of a brutal machete attack at a North Memphis apartment complex is speaking to WREG a month after the attack happened and one day after one of the suspects was apprehended.

Multiple members of the Churchman family have been charged after Jerronda Walton said she was attacked with machetes at the Goodwill Village Apartments the evening of April 10.

Walton said she used to be friends with the Churchmans, but she said she got into a disagreement with Gabrielle Churchman on her way back from the mailbox.

“They were standing out here all hype and stuff talking about what what they were gonna do to me,” said Walton.

Walton said Brandon and Dorjan Churchman both approached her and then started swinging at her with machetes.

“They was coming at me like that, like trying to stick me in my stomach. I stepped back,” said Walton. “It’s crazy how people is doing it these days.”

Vincent Dobbs, who lives in the apartment complex, said he watched the attack unfold.

“It’s too many children round here for people be swinging knives,” said Dobbs.

Luckily, Walton wasn't hit with a machete, but she wasn't without injury.

“I got head butt, I got punched, I got kicked, I got everything,” said Walton.

It left her with a swollen face and two black eyes. She went to the hospital.

Three of Walton's accused attackers — Gabrielle Churchman, Linda Churchman and Dorjan Churchman — went to jail, but Linda Churchman bonded out.

Brandon Churchman remains on the run.

“He need to be the main one to get caught. He’s dangerous,” said Walton.

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