Family feels small sense of relief after son’s accused killer is caught

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 25-year-old man is locked up after being accused of killing three people.

Police said Demarco Hawkins confessed to the heinous crimes.

On Wednesday, the mother of one of the victims, Anthony Isom, weighed in and had her voice be heard after waiting nearly eight months for justice.

The three victims were murdered in a duplex they shared on Lake Grove Street back in September 2015.

Mary Isom said since she heard the news of the arrest from a detective Tuesday night she hasn't been able to sleep.

"Oh lord I just been crying and crying, and thanking God."

Mary has a small sense of relief after police said they arrested her son's killer.

His absence felt by his three young daughters.

"We walk past his house, they go, 'we going to my daddy's house? We going to my daddy's house?' 'Your daddy's in heaven baby we can't go there right now.'"

Isom was shot to death back in September, along with Chasity Springfield and Michael Glover.

Police wouldn't say how, but over time they developed Demarco Hawkins as a suspect.

Eight months later, police finally tracked him down.

According to an affidavit, he told officers he planned the trio's murders, shot and then robbed them.

As the months went by, Mary did her best to not give up on detectives.

"I've been calling to see what was going on with the case," she said.

Mary told WREG she has no idea why her son was targeted.

She said he ran a yard service, went to church and was doing the best he could for his girls.

She had this message for her son's accused killer.

"I forgive you but I just wish you wouldn't of taken my son's life."

No one answered at the address listed for Hawkins but his neighbors recognized his mugshot.

While Mary now feels some peace, she's thinking of the dozens of other families affected by recent violence.

"I just pray for those out there and I'm asking them to stop the violence. These are the children of people ya'll are taking."

Hawkins does not appear to have an adult criminal record.

WREG asked police if they expect to make any other arrests in this case but have not heard back.

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