Possible measles case leads to Collierville church nursery

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. -- A church in Collierville was notified by the Shelby County Health Department after a suspected case of the measles was discovered in the nursery.

Six parents dropped off their little ones at Collierville United Methodist Church off Poplar on April 17 while they went to Sunday services.

Now the Health Department says someone int hat room of babies may have had the measles.

"They asked us who was in the classroom at the same time and we gave the Department of Health those names," said Reverend David Atkinson.

The church took all the steps it could from cleaning to notifying parents, and even followed the CDC and Health Department's lead.

"They may get overly concerned over this, it's serious of course, you want to take precautions and we're doing that," said Rev. Atkinson.

They're not the only ones.

Six people have been diagnosed with measles in the past four days in Memphis.

That's more than the whole country in all of 2016.

"We have not idea where it came from. It just popped up and it's very concerning to all of us," said Dr. Helen Morrow.

The Health Department said the cases don't seem connected either, which means more people are likely to get the measles.

It's so severe the Arkansas Health Department has warned it's residents about what's happening on the Tennessee side of the Mississippi River.

Some parents don't like vaccines, but the Health Department insists they're safe.

The first shot alone is 93% effective in stopping measles.

Doctors said they can also test to see if you need a shot.

"If there's a question, or gap in your knowledge, you should talk to pcp. There's a simple blood test," said Dr. Jeff Mullins.

Everyone who could have been exposed at Collierville United Methodist Church has been contacted.