Tenants say dirty water keeps getting into their townhomes

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People in Whitehaven are angry and disgusted that dirty water keeps backing up into their homes.

A number of South Pointe Townhomes tenants complained about the problem, as they said it's creating a health risk.

Johnathan Clark uses clothes to block water from getting into his townhome. He said the problem started two weeks ago.

"Honesty, it makes me mad, it really does, it angers me a lot," he said.

The property manager said the main sewer drain is backed up, and it's coming from the sewer lines.

Clark said he's tired of cleaning up the mess. The sewer lines are even backing up into his toilet.

"It's very frustrating, and honestly my wife keeps saying she was getting a headache from the smell, stinks, it's not livable," he said.

Clark isn't the only one with the issue. His neighbor is experiencing the same problem.

"My neighbor's apartment has been flooded way longer than mine, and the reason mine is flooding is because his can't hold any more water," said Jeremy Dennis.

Public Works came out Monday and Tuesday to fix the problem. A spokesperson with the department sid crews are removing a grease blockage from a sewer pipe. Tenants are still worried.

"As you can see it's tearing up my floor, I had to move my furniture, eating at my wood and my furniture," Dennis said.

Several other tenants are experiencing the same problem.

WREG is waiting to hear back from the environmental engineer to find out why it took two weeks for the city to come out; they plan to get back with us Wednesday.

The apartment manager also said All Clear Plumbing was on the property.

The city plans to go back out again Wednesday.