TDOT to replace some road signs near flyover

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- TDOT said drivers could soon see new road signs near the flyover, now that westbound lanes have shifted.

Drivers in the area told WREG they hope the signs will make lane directions a bit clearer so there will not be as many last-minute lane changes.

Driver Frank Romero said he thinks a road sign near exit 10 might be a reason why drivers are making hasty lane changes, and he called TDOT about it.

"You got semi-truck drivers flopping back and forth. Of course you've got Shelby Countians doing it all the time," Romero said.

"It's kind of tricky, because you have so many cars coming in one direction and trying to get over," said driver Terrence Sanford.

A road sign a mile and a half away from exits 10 A-B shows the I-40 west graphic on the left and I-240 west on the right.

That is, technically, the way the exits used to be before all this construction.

About a half mile away, an electronic sign gives lane directions, directing drivers who want to stay on I-40 west to stay in the right lane and sends I-240 west drivers to the middle lane.

While the current signage is not wrong, TDOT is planning on putting up new ones soon.

TDOT spokeswoman Nichole Lawrence told WREG that as recently as Monday night, lanes shifted to the right onto new lanes over the bridge.

She said that will let construction crews start tearing down the inside lanes of the bridge and work on that area.

Now that traffic has shifted, she said TDOT crews will pour new concrete footings to replace signs like the one WREG asked about.

TDOT told WREG it has received some complaints about signage but not a lot.