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Germantown trying to fix overcrowding issues

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. -- Germantown schools are bursting at the seams.

The state requires one teacher for every 20 kids, and they're at one for every 20.46.

They're having to round down to squeak by.

"We have children receiving therapy in converted bathroom space. We have teachers on carts. This is affecting our programming," said Natalie Williams with the Germantown School Board.

The solution is new portable classrooms at Farmington and Dogwood, the only school that doesn't already have them.

"Building a school, that is the solution. Build it as fast as you can, build it now," said parent Kimmer Plunk.

But a new school comes at a cost that will likely raise taxes.

That's something city leaders seem to be wanting to avoid despite parents saying they're willing to pay.

"We were promised a world class school district," said parent Renee Marshall. "Germantown parents rallied around you to create this district because we wanted local control and voices to be heard."

The school superintendent blames the problem in part on Shelby County Schools for not giving them Germantown Elementary.

"There were four elementary schools in Germantown and we've crammed them into 3 schools," said Superintendent Jason Manuel.

And now, despite promises of a world class district with portables out of the equation, the reality is the portable promise wasn't kept.

"I did run on the promise of removing portables from Riverdale or moving in that direction."