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Kids serve officers lunch for Cop Stop program in Bartlett

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BARTLETT, Tenn. -- Students at Saint Ann Catholic School in Bartlett served lunch to law enforcement officers from the Bartlett Police Department as part of the Cop Stop program.

It was hard to say who was more excited at Saint Ann's Cop Stop luncheon Wednesday: the officers being served or the kids doing the serving.

3rd grader James Kargauer said, "They do nice stuff for us. So, we can do nice stuff for them to do back."

"We just thought it was very nice that the kids wanted to do this for the Police Officers out here," Lt. Joe Massey with Bartlett Police added.

But Wednesday was about more than filling stomachs.

It was also about filling hearts and minds.

Officers said it was a chance for them to really connect with the kids, and show them that they're on their side and there to protect them.

"They've got very good questions," Massey said. "What are we doing during the day? What's it like to be a policeman?"

Kids told WREG they were excited to meet police in person and learn more about what it means to be an officer.

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