Germantown residents could soon be paying more for trash pickup

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. -- Homeowners in Germantown could pay more for their trash pickup if the city awards a contract to Waste Pro U.S.A.

Germantown city leaders said the current company, Inland Waste Solutions, has been a headache.

A lot of people WREG spoke with stated that they don't mind a possible increase because anything is better than the service they're getting now.

Others said they don't want to spend more.

Germantown homeowners started complaining about Inland Waste Solutions' poor performance since nearly the beginning.

The $3.2 million contract the city had since late 2014 will expire this summer.

"I've been told if you put your trash bags three feet away, overflow in trash bags, that they'll pick them up, and they don't every week," said Sandy Delikat.

City leaders will likely vote on Monday to award a new contract with Waste Pro, but now they're thinking about ways to pay for the $5 million dollar contract.

At a meeting this week, they discussed several options including a possible $2.50 increase, meaning most of the residents could pay $22.50 a month which includes curbside roll carts and recycling bins.

That was only an idea, but nothing has been finalized.

"I think that might be a possibility, but right now it's even more frustrating just hearing about the increase being in this position," said Delikat.

"I would be willing to pay that much more for an improvement, and I assume that this new company that they're talking about has been checked out very thoroughly," said another homeowner.

The company based out of Longwood, Florida services cities like Arlington, Birmingham and Atlanta.

Arlington's Town Administrator told Germantown she would recommend the company and only had minor issues like the size of the yard debris that can be picked up at curbside.

WREG did some digging of our own and came across 112 complaints reported to the Better Business Bureau.

One complaint said Waste Pro failed to pick up trash for the first ten weeks.

A lot of the issues were resolved.

The BBB said 112 complaints for a company that size is considered a lot.

Germantown's City Administrator Patrick Lawton said he also reached out to officials in Port Orange, Florida and Concord, North Carolina.

Lawton said both cities gave the company great reviews.

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