Little boy beaten with bricks on the playground

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 9-year-old was brutally attacked in Raleigh Sunday.

"There was blood just all right here. He's got a busted lip right here," Billy Leopard said. "He had to get a CAT scan on his face to see if he had a broken nose."

Police said the attack happened inside the gated Allentown Mobile Home Park community when some kids were on the playground.

"They were playing around, throwing pine cones up in the air," Leopard explained.

What the concerned father said happened next was far from child's play.

"The kid left, and then he came back with some more friends -- about 10, 11 kids -- and they started chunking bricks," Leopard said.

The little boy, Cameron, was hit in the head.

His family said he is a bullying victim.

"Girls have started chunking pine cones at him -- bottles and stuff like that other times," Leopard described.

The boy's family has gone to management for help and asked them to remove bricks and broken glass from around the playground.

"The manager told her that she didn't want to talk to her -- to get out of the building," Leopard said.

The property's management also refused to talk to WREG about the issue.

The property's corporate office said it knows about the incident but would not answer questions.

The worried father wants his son's attacker charged and the property to help his family feel safe again.

"They really need a security guard in there, and they need to clean up their parks, and they need to clean up their act and act like they care about their community," Leopard said.

Police said the incident is an ongoing investigation, and no charges have been filed.

Cameron is expected to be OK.

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