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Alcy Elementary students need your help raising $3,000

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Elementary students in Shelby County Schools need your help raising thousands of dollars.

They started a drive and only have 36 days left to raise the money.

Students from Alcy Elementary say a trip to downtown Memphis would mean so much to them.

That's why they need your help raising $3,000.

"It would mean the world if you'll donate money because we could be able to go on this field trip and everybody can enjoy themselves," said 5th grader Cedranna Glass.

That's the goal for the elementary students planning an educational day in May. They want to explore downtown Memphis.

"We really want to raise this money so we can go and see a baseball game and do cool things downtown," said Nevohn Jones, a 3rd grader.

Many of the students want the opportunity to go places outside their South Memphis neighborhood.

This field trip exposes them to historical sites, stores, a picnic by the river and a Memphis Redbirds game.

"There are a plethora of ways that the connection of learning will connect at the ballpark. For instance, mathematics; even with my kindergarten students, to understand scoring we can tie in tally marks," said Sunya Payne, the principal.

Alcy Elementary teacher Sabrina Adams is organizing the trip. She says the trip will give students a better understanding of how the local economy works.

Students hope your generous giving will make a difference.

"I think we can raise this money," said Jones.

If you would like to donate, click this link.

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