Parents are calling for action after woman approaches children after school

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When the final bell sounds at Dogwood Elementary, the kids go flying home, but lately, parents say it hasn't been so quiet.

“I just saw her asking children stuff. I didn't know what she was saying, said Brittany Quesenberry, a parent.

A woman has stopped kids "to talk."
One parent said the woman told her son about "Satan worship."


Not one bit to most out here.

"When I walk she stops me sometimes," said one person.

"She has thrown glass in our pool, and peas in our pool because she said it was possessed by the devil," said Kristina Garner.

Garner lives near the woman and says she has kidnapped people's pets and locked them in her attic.

She worries she'll grab a kid.

Lately, the woman's fascination appears to be the elementary school.

"She has been to the school, talked to the principal and told the principal to put boats on the roof because a flood was coming," said Garner.

Several Germantown Police Officers told WREG they visited the woman's home more than 20 times in one month.

Several neighbors on her block have restraining orders against her.

Police said they're powerless.

They bring her in for help, and doctors let her out again in a few weeks, and it starts over again.

"It's a little scary."

"We have so many kids who are walkers."

Parents are getting worried.

They want tougher laws to give the city more power to protect their children.

"Does it have to be something that happens something dramatic before action is taken,"

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