Former Memphis Zoo tiger kills tiger at Sacramento Zoo

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SACRAMENTO — Sacramento Zoo officials say a female Sumatran tiger was killed Wednesday by a tiger from the Memphis Zoo.

The zoo says in a statement that the male tiger became aggressive with 15-year-old Baha minutes after a physical introduction Wednesday morning.

Since his arrival last December, 12-year-old Mohan had visual contact with Baha, zoo officials said.

Staff decided to physically introduce the tigers Wednesday.

Baha had been at the Sacramento Zoo since 2002 and had successfully bred with three other partners, giving birth to five offspring.

Statement from Sacramento Zoo:

“Both tigers’ behavior indicated that this was the proper time for physical introductions. Based on knowledge and experience from past successful introductions, staff decided to physically introduce the tigers on Wednesday morning. The Sacramento Zoo has successfully housed and introduced tigers since the 1960’s, including Baha and her previous mate, Castro.”