Police looking for this man accused of firing a gun inside crowded community center

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are on the hunt for a man accused of firing a gun inside a community center full of young children Friday evening.

Marcus Dotson is wanted on 51 counts of aggravated assault among other charges.

It happened at Riverview Community Center on Kansas.

Police said Dotson and another teenage boy walked into the gym, started circling the court and talking trash.

It was all while a youth basketball tournament was taking place.

Witnesses said it stemmed from a fight that happened in the neighborhood earlier that day.

"As he walked across the floor, he aimed a gun at the kids in the bleachers," said D'Vonte Stone, who saw the whole thing go down.

He said he watched as Dotson waved the gun and fir a shot into the ceiling before taking off.

"I helped grab the kids and made them run into the bathroom," he said.

Kids were told to hide in bathrooms and behind doorways.

"I was on the floor, crawling on the floor," said Toya Williams, who tried to hide her four girls. "They were scared too. Everybody was scared for their life."

"They were crying. They were scared. They were frightened. I had to call some of their parents to come get their kids," said Stone.

Many like Stone said they are fed up with the violence happening at the community center and claim too much drama spills into the place. Much of it is gang related.

Police said this violence will not be tolerated.

They've added a SkyCop cameras in the parking lot and increased patrols in the neighborhood.

Added efforts, on top of what the District Attorney has already done to fight gang violence here.

In 2013, the neighborhood was declared a Safety Zone, where police could arrest known gang members for hanging out in public.

"And now, we can't have nothing going on again, because the parents won't let their kids come back up here," said Stone.

WREG reached out to the director of the community center but never heard back.

Police said the teen who was with Dotson is in custody.

If you know where Dotson is, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.