Community shocked alleged getaway driver released on bond

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- People we spoke to said they couldn't believe 18-year-old Victoria Seay was out on bond.

"That's shocking and it's shocking that she is let go."

Right now, police won't tell us what questions Seay answered and they won't tell us who they believe pulled the trigger that left Eddie Tate Jr. and Edwina Thomas dead.

Investigators told us Thomas was pregnant at the time she was killed.

According to officers, the two were sitting in their car Friday at the Sycamore Lake Apartments when shots rang out.

"It was like three shots. It was loud."

Witnesses said they saw a silver Mitsubishi speed away.

Police later tracked down the car, which led them to Seay, who reportedly admitted to picking up the shooter.

Just hours after she was booked for her connection in the case, Seay paid her $1,000 bond.

"Those that are tied to some of those heinous crimes their bonds need to stay high so they can stay off the streets," said Rep. Antonio Parkinson.

There's been talk of criminal justice reform and changing bond schedules for years.

On Monday, Parkinson told WREG he supports stiff punishment but said it's a tough call in some cases when we don't know all the facts.

"I think that's important. We do make sure people are held accountable but we also have to know the details of what happened."

Criminal history is taken into account when a judge sets bail.

Seay doesn't have one.