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Drivers steered clear of Bill Morris Parkway’s icy bridges, overpasses

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- When it fell, it fell hard.

Snow blanketed the streets of Memphis on Friday coupled with strong and quick moving winds.

The dangerous combination made it hard to see along the Bill Morris Parkway.

"It was going to get pretty bad today. I wasn't going to take a chance by coming out in the weather," said Demetrius Moore.

So Moore stayed home and safe from the winter weather.

A lot of drivers did the same because the bridges and overpasses on Highway 385 freeze the fastest in bitter, wet cold.

"In the past where we've had ice. It's all iced over and you have a bunch of people end up on the side of the road because they aren't taking it slowly enough or carefully enough."

By late Friday morning, several TDOT trucks plowed through the area making a safe passage for drivers.

But even with all the help, for some the highway and nearby streets were still too slick.

Fresh tracks down a steep embankment showed where someone slid right off the icy thoroughfare.

"I think that's one of the main reasons we shut down when we hear any kind of weather."

Most stayed away, but not all.

By Friday afternoon, Josh Edwards felt comfortable to brave the Bill Morris Parkway.

"Nothing on the side of the road. Everything is clear. You have snow on the side banks but that's about it."

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