Local grocery and hardware stores prepare for possibility of snow

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It's a busy time for local grocery and hardware stores preparing for what's expected to be the first snowstorm of the year.

Customers are making those last minute preps.

Business at the Kroger on Mendenhall started picking up at six Thursday morning.

Parking spots were hard to find with shoppers making sure they had enough food to last several days.

Joe Cooper made three trips to the grocery store.

His wife wanted to make sure they were ready for the worst.

"Every time they say it's going to be a big snow storm in Memphis, the wives, the girlfriends they all get paranoid. They've got to have all this stuff," he said.

Even local hardware stores are preparing for the snow storm that's expected.

"We probably still have around 40 bags left, we just brought these in this morning and we'll have some more coming hopefully tomorrow," said Berl Garey with Hollywood Furniture and Hardware when talking about bags of salt.

The bags of salt were one of his biggest sellers Thursday.

"We have shovels, scoops, insulated products like pipe coverings to keep it from freezing, supplies to repair it if it does freeze and it's just advisable for people to get ready," he said.

Whether you're buying salt, a shovel or food, emergency crews want you to be prepared.

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