No answers in Bartlett officer’s vehicular homicide case yet; another court date set

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Bartlett police officer's vehicular homicide case got nothing but a new date on the calendar Wednesday.

Lucas Hines' attorney asked for a couple of more weeks to track down an expert he needs for the case.

That means that 15 months after a crash killed two people, there are still no answers for their families.

The crash happened in October 2014.

"Getting an answer 15 months versus 17 months versus 12 months isn't going to bring back their loved one. So they are prepared to be patient, they have been patient. They're going to stay the course," said attorney Jeff Rosenblum, who represents victim Michelle Sloyan's family.

Sloyan was a Millington Kroger employee. She and Danny Floyd were in the car Hines is accused of smashing into.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol reported Hines was speeding without lights or sirens at the intersection of Stage and Bartlett Boulevard, after being ordered to give up chasing a suspect.

Patrolman Lucas A. Hines

Patrolman Lucas A. Hines

Hines is facing vehicular homicide charges, and he is suspended from the Bartlett Police Department without pay.

Wednesday, Hines' attorney asked for another few weeks to track down a biomechanical engineer, presumably to study something to do with the crash.

"The defense is still trying to determine what defense they might be able to present in front of a jury, and they're looking to see if they can find an expert to help them with the possibility of presenting a defense," explained prosecutor Billy Bond.

For now, the victims' families have to wait.

"This defendant deserves the right to have a fair trial and to prepare for his trial, to have the experts he needs to put on his defense," Rosenblum said.

Neither Hines nor his attorney, Arthur Quinn, had anything to say to WREG after court Wednesday. Quinn said he does not comment on pending cases.

The case is scheduled to be back in court February 10.

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