Bodies of two missing people in Benton County found

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BENTON COUNTY, Miss. --A mother says she now has some closure after searching for her son’s body for three days.

Michael Nunnally died after Wednesday’s tornado in Benton County.

The coroner there says Nunnally and Tasha Williams bodies were found Saturday on Country Church Road.

It wasn't easy for Maxine Nunnally and her brother Frank Crawford to revisit the area where Maxine's son's body was found.

"Relief that he was found. All I wanted was for him to be found no matter what the situation was," she said.

It took Crawford three days to find his nephew Michael after Wednesday's tornado.

Crawford found the body about a quarter of a mile from Michael's home.

"Tough now talking about it but I wasn't intending to stop until I found him," Crawford said.

Not much is left of what used to Michael’s home.

Maxine believes her son was attempting to walk inside before being swept away by the storm.

"It's real hard, it's real hard and every time Christmas come around and his birthday this is what I'm going to think about but I know life got to go on because I know that's what Michael would want," she said.

Michael would have turned 48 years old Sunday.

Maxine says every time she looks at the bricks scattered around the area where her son lived, it's another reminder of how precious her son was.

"He was known as big Mike, mike stood 6'9, about 350 pounds, anyone you speak to would tell you he would do anything he could, he loved kids," she stated.

Michael leaves behind four children of his own and two step children.

Even though the family loss their loved one, they’re grateful for everyone who helped find Michael’s body.

"It was such an amazing outpour of searching, just nonstop searching. They were just as relentless as I was," Crawford said.

Two other people, William Crawford, 67, and Patricia G. Williams, 58, were killed at the same site.

There were four deaths in the county, along with two in Marshall County and one in Tippah County.